'One of our favorite places': 5 reasons why 'KathNiel' loves Japan

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Posted at Feb 28 2019 08:20 PM

Most people love to jot down entries on their travel bucket list while imagining themselves enjoying an immersive experience in various places. 

Traveling, after all, is a chance to discover new things, destress from busy lifestyle, or the opportunity to simply appreciate and make the most of life.

When looking for places to visit, there's one country that most people will likely not forget to include in their travel list: Japan. 

Dubbed as "Land of the Rising Sun," Japan has long held a strong reputation of having distinct culture, unique traditions, and accommodating locals. 

These may be among the reasons why the country welcomed over 31 million visits by foreign tourists last year, according to the recent data by Japan Tourism Statistics.

Even Filipino celebrities have fallen in love with the stunning attractions of Japan that they occasionally have a vacation in the country with their family, friends or loved one.

Among them is real-life couple Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, known as the on-screen love team "KathNiel."

"It is one of the favorite places namin ni Kathryn," Padilla said in a report.

What makes Japan close to KathNiel's heart? Here are five most likely reasons why:

1. Spectacular places

It is no secret that Japan has picturesque places. 


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The beauty of Japan is apparent in some of the best-loved photos of KathNiel circulating online, with some snaps receiving thousands of likes for their sceneries.

Recently, the couple visited the Otaru Canal in Hokkaido. They donned winter clothing, and were always ready to take Instagram-worthy photos. 

The place's appealing atmosphere would surely evoke nostalgia among visitors. The surrounding warehouses have been turned into museums, shops, and restaurants for people to enjoy.

2. Rich culture and history

Traveling acquaints one with history. KathNiel, the traveler and explorer fused into one lovely couple, didn't miss the opportunity to know Japan more though the country's vibrant and rich history.


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Seen in this photo of KathNiel is the Hiroshima Castle which was built in 1589. It served as a significant seat of power in Western Japan. 

It was designated as a National Treasure in 1931, affirming the place's historic and artistic value. Today, the castle has turned into a history museum featuring Samurai culture.

3. Savory food

Japan experience isn't complete without trying out their world famous local cuisine, dishes, and desserts.


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Bernardo and Padilla have said that they really like the food in Japan, so much so that they even declared it in chorus in a television report. As seen in the photo, they have enjoyed a well-known pan fried food called Okonomiyaki.

The savory Japanese pancake made of butter and cabbage, topped with selected ingredients of meat and seafood, wasabi and cheese that visitors would love.

4. Fine weather

The pleasant weather in Japan is one that tourists can really enjoy.


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In a series of photo posted online, the "KathNiel" couple is seen all smiles while enjoying each other's company in the midst of a sunny weather in Hokkaido. 

Perfect weather for a perfect "kilig" experience with a loved one.

5. Romantic mood

Above all, what the couple wanted is to make the most of their time with each other and one way to do it is to explore new places together like what they experience in every visit to Japan.


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Want more details of how they have fallen in love with Japan? Discover a different world with KathNiel as they visit various breathtaking spots in Japan.

Get a front-seat view of KathNiel's Japan experience by checking out this video of the couple in the historical and awe-inspiring city of Hiroshima.

Meanwhile, in this video, take a look at how the couple enjoyed the astonishing beauty of island of Hokkaido.

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