Monitor pest and hygiene program in the 'new normal' using these online customer portals

Rentokil Initial Philippines

Posted at Sep 11 2020 03:43 PM

Needless to say, life and how business is operated have both dramatically changed since the health-related crisis hit the world. Now that everyone is easing in the 'new normal,' extra vigilance against infections and diseases is a priority. The medical community and government highly recommend limiting unnecessary movement and in-person meetings and gatherings to prevent the spread of the disease.

The impact has been huge on businesses and the overall economy. Despite this, business owners, entrepreneurs and the like, should not be disheartened. 

This is simply another challenge that can be addressed with simple, practical, and effective solutions. When it comes to adapting to the demands of the 'new normal,' Rentokil Initial Philippines has reintroduced its new online customer portals, myRentokil and myInitial, for their clients.

Proving further relevance and timeliness, online portals come in handy especially since talking to strangers is linked with tension and distress. Digital reporting tools like myRentokil and myInitial give users instant, 24/7 access to important information with regards to their pest and hygiene management programs.

The innovative myRentokil tool focuses on improving end-to-end supply chain risk management. It is available from any internet access point, providing instant entry to substantial information in a time-saving visual format. The online portal complements Rentokil's Integrated Pest Management program (IPM), to help improve end-to-end supply chain risk management.

At the same time, myInitial provides customers with the information they need on the hygiene services accomplished each day. It is a comprehensive online reporting tool for Initial customers giving, 24/7 way in to all the hygiene servicing activity carried out by the brand.

Both online portals myInitial and myRentokil can help access not just real time, but also multisite, which is helpful for users who are managing not just one site. These aim to obtain practical and efficient access, tracking, and monitoring of all information regarding one's account. So that with just one click, the thorough and regulated process of reporting updates, and acquiring recommendations is made more convenient.

Through the use of intelligent devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), these online portals are able to measure, record, and report hygiene and pest issues in different places efficiently. Such standardized methods could be of great help in keeping customer satisfaction high even for other branches and firms—from food businesses and hotels to offices, hospitals, schools, and stores.

In addition, these easy-to-use tools are designed to consistently meet business goals as they secure personal data with protected passwords, https encryption, and backed-up data center. Rentokil Initial is a professional partner in mitigating pest and hygiene risks of business grounds, in compliance with statutory obligations and industry practices. In a time where infectious diseases threaten the public, Rentokil Initial offers clients and all business stakeholders a sense of security and comfort by effectively alleviating pest problems and reducing hygiene risks.

If you are looking to solve pest control and hygiene concerns surrounding your venture, you can count on Rentokil Initial Philippines. Known as one of the country's top and most trusted pest control and hygiene service providers, the company has been exceeding the expectations of their clients in residential, commercial, industrial, and many others for over 50 years.

As the future requires extra vigilance against disease, begin to adapt and evolve your business with Rentokil Initial—as they are committed in their promise of protecting people and enhancing lives.

For other Rentokil Initial services, visit their website at and or call (02) 8333 5888 for more details. 

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