The benefits of innovation and creativity in the workplace

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Posted at Jan 07 2019 04:39 PM | Updated as of Feb 20 2019 03:24 PM

Routine is good - after all, it helps establish a safe and predictable environment for human beings to move in. However, routine cannot always yield ideas that can improve people’s lives.

A good routine makes work easier, faster, and the workplace more efficient; but it is not always beneficial. Sticking to the tried-and-tested can get things done faster, but it may not lead to innovations that can lead to growth. Companies that do not change or grow tend to be left behind, and suffer because of stagnation. 

In 'Harnessing Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace' which appears in the ‘Knowledge Solutions’ journal, Olivier Serrat said there is no simple universal formula for innovation, although there may be many sources and different approaches to encourage it. 

While each company has its own way to do this that best fits its culture and type of work, there are some ways that can be done by any team to surface the innovative spirit.

Some of Serrat's tips include the following:
1.    Fostering an environment that lets employees share ideas with no punishment for the risk of failure;
2.    Taking creativity one step forward and ensuring ideas are followed through;
3.    Ensuring diversity--in staffing, thinking, experience, and styles in handling issues and conflicts; and
4.    Giving enough time and space for creative thinking and reflective practice such as away-days, brainstorming sessions, and others.

In Forbes, meanwhile, Christian Springub of the Young Entrepreneur Council wrote that it is also important for teams to be allowed ‘sprints’ or chunks of time to focus and work uninterrupted on certain projects, to allow for rapid growth.

An environment that encourages innovation can yield products or services that can enact great change, and set the standards for the future.

This can be seen in scientific advancements and tech companies. Recent advances in artificial intelligence are only the tip of the iceberg, as has the massive boom in multimedia-centric mobile devices. How can companies cope? 

One good example is Huawei. Starting out as a mobile accessories manufacturer, its spirit of innovation has led it to become a major player in the mobile phone sphere. 

Its latest units -- the Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro -- are currently its flagship products, with unique features as PC mode, "supercharging" from one mobile to another, and even more artificially intelligent cameras.

According to Huawei, their innovation started with a simple question keen on helping out customers: How can they solve Android users’ biggest pain points, such as battery power and low-quality camera photos. 

The Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro, they said, addresses these pain points with the Kirin 980 processor, which lets the phone process information faster, a big screen to watch videos and edit photos on, and a user-friendly camera with powerful AI. 

Its battery also improves its appeal—aside from having a larger 4,200 mAh battery, it is also equipped with smarter AI power management and the capability to be charged through Wireless Reverse Charge—simply by putting it close to another capable phone.

More information about Huawei's latest innovations can be found on the Huawei Facebook Page and website.

You can also check out these videos featuring Mate 20 Series to know more.

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